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Mission and Values

In cosa crediamo e come lo vogliamo realizzareWhat we believe and how we want to achieve it

Inspiring Software is the result of the shared intuition of the co-founders, all from the industrial automation field and aware of the needs of this industry. Their dream was to develop Italian software platforms.

Our goal is to help companies to embrace the Digital Transformation, providing hardware & software solutions to successfully deal with the evolution of the Industrial field.

The unique value of Inspiring lies in the design of its products. The R&D team is dedicated to make new technologies accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Besides developing products, Inspiring is committed to spreading knowledge and case histories of the new digital culture, training the innovators of tomorrow.

Why Rebecca

Where the idea of a unified platform comes from

Today, in the era of digitalization, more and more professional figures, once quite distinct, find themselves collaborating together and technological knowledge
different come together to create new value.
This is why Rebecca was born: the platform that coordinates the company's knowledge and processes the data to provide the right information, at the moment
right, to the right person.
Rebecca is made up of Apps that can be combined according to the needs of each Customer and each Sector.

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The four areas of the Apps

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